Your Own Apple Watch Can Now Automatically Detect When You Are Washing Your Hands


washing your hands is a frequent practice in good hygiene, but it’s become more significant than ever using the coronavirus pandemic, in which washing your hands correctly and thoroughly with water and soap can reduce the probability of you becoming infected (particularly in the event that you touch your face, mouth, and eyes frequently ).

The general guidance is that you ought to wash your hands for at least 20 minutes, or hum the”happy birthday” song as you wash. If you would rather not seem like a crazy man in a public bathroom singing happy birthday for your self, Apple has an option if you have the Apple Watch.

With watchOS 7, Apple has introduced an automated hand-washing detection attribute to the Apple Watch. Depending on the motions of your palms along with other detectors and the mike, the Apple Watch ought to be able to discover when you’ve started to clean your hands. It is going to then initiate a 20 next countdown timer to allow them to know when to stop. If it finds you stopped too early, it is going to ask you to continue washing.

Though it seems like a novel attribute, this coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of care and also this hand-washing feature may nevertheless be very much applicable in the long run, even when a vaccine to the virus was discovered (and administered).

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