Xbox Collection X Will Focus Less On Console Exclusives


Whenever a brand new console generation is started, there’s a little bit of an awkward stage where players who possessed the previous-gen console might need to choose if giving up their existing library of games is well worth it. To encourage players to create the change, console manufacturers have created console-exclusive names to draw players to their newer machines.

But, that won’t be a strategy which Microsoft will probably be focusing on to its Xbox collection X consoles. In an interview with, Xbox manager Phil Spencer says that the organization’s plan for the new console is going to be to concentrate more on adapting the participant, instead of focusing a lot on the hardware.

According to Spencer, “We ought to applaud load times and fidelity of scenes along with framerate and enter latency, and every one these things that we have focused on with another generation. But that shouldn’t exclude individuals from having the ability to playwith. That is our purpose. How can we make an ecosystem in which if you would like to play with an Xbox game, we are going to provide you with a means to go play ?”

This appears to be a small dig at Sony who’d previously mentioned that PS5 matches won’t be backward compatible with all the PS4. It follows that players who wish to play with newer PS5 matches need to get the console so as to play them. While we can love Microsoft’s strategy, we must wonder how they will fare.

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