Twitter Could Also Be Interested In TikTok


1597102454 439 Twitter Could Also Be Interested In TikTok Giv.inSince TikTok’s owners are rushing towards locating a buyer for your company to make it skirt about an expected ban, it might seem that based on a report by The Wall Street Journal that the company has reportedly a couple different buyers that are interested in the business, among these being Twitter.

The report asserts that both Twitter and TikTok have entered into preliminary discussions where the former has expressed interest in obtaining the latter. But it appears there is a issue and that’s cash, where it’s been indicated that Twitter may not have sufficient funds to get the organization.

Twitter market cap is valued near $30 billion, which is nearly as far as TikTok’s assets, meaning that Twitter would have to raise extra funds if they wish to close the offer. In addition, this is assuming that additional businesses will not attempt to outbid them. As it stands, Microsoft is the front-runner from the bidding to obtain TikTok, in which it had been previously reported that Microsoft might be considering acquiring TikTok’s global operations.

Conserve for its core business, Twitter had tried to dive deeper in the world of social networking when they obtained Vine. But a couple years after purchasing Vine, Twitter made a decision to close down the service. It remains to determine whether Twitter will have sufficient cash to purchase TikTok, but it might be a massive blessing for the business if they were to become prosperous.

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