This Hacked Calculator Is Each Pupils’ Fantasy Come True


Our modern day devices are a little bit too smart that is the reason when it comes to examinations, schools generally only allow specific preapproved electronics such as scientific/financial calculators. These programs are clever in the sense they can pull a slew of calculations, but on account of the simple fact they are offline, so it makes it quite tough to cheat with this.

Or are they?

At a movie (which has been made personal ) uploaded to Neutrino’s YouTube page, it reveals how the modest Casio scientific calculator you will discover in the palms of several pupils was hacked to perform more than it seems. For starters, the solar panel system used to charge the battery and power the calculator has been eliminated and in its place is a little OLED screen.

Neutrino also went a few steps further by breaking open the device and like a WiFi module that would permit the calculator to link to the world wide web, where it’s going to have the ability to pull pre-uploaded data in the Firebase cellular development stage. There’s a very basic  chat feature which uses a smart combination of magnets and detectors that allows the consumer chat and browse the menu.

The final result is that upon first glance, the calculator looks like nothing has changed, but under the hood, it’s the greatest cheating machine. That is by no means a very simple hack which each pupil can pull off, but it’s an enjoyable and intriguing one. Considering how advanced students can get in regards to cheating in the examination, we would not be surprised if a few were to take some inspiration from this to produce their very own.

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