The Sims Will Be Getting Its Own Truth TV Show


A lot of you may be knowledgeable about EA’s The Sims. For people who aren’t comfortable, it is basically a game in which you create characters in a digital universe, control themand live out your dream life, kind of. It’s an enjoyable sport, however for that reason, it appears that EA has recognized it may actually be worth starting a TV series around it.

Dubbed Spark’d, this is going to be a reality TV series where it’ll task people to make worlds, characters, and tales from The Sims game in hopes of walking away with a $100,00 prize. According to EA,“For years, varied storytellers have been telling countless stories in The Sims, motivated by their lives and unlimited creativity. The contest is penalized as twelve Simmers carry on staged creativity challenges to construct worlds, characters, and tales from the hopes of impressing the judges–and winning the 100,000 prize”

It seems like an intriguing premise, although entertaining it may be remains to be seen. Additionally, it appears to highlight the rising fascination in seeing people play video games, so in the event that you’ve enjoyed seeing live streams of people playing games, then that may be interesting for you also. The first episode will premiere on the 17th of July in 11pm ET/PT on TBS, and are also accessible via BuzzFeed Multiplayer around the 20th of July at 8AM.

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