The Last Of Us Part 3 Can Be’Exponentially More Difficult to Justify’


The Last of Us Part two has been recently published and it’s sold very, very nicely. There are some mixed reviews at which there are those people who feel it doesn’t quite fulfill the initial game. It’s just those thoughts making it appear to be a third name in the franchise could be a really tricky feat to pull away.

That is based on Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann who at a meeting with IndieWire, suggested that the studio may find it somewhat hard to justify developing a third entry in the set. In accordance with Druckmann, among the reasons why the very first game was so popular was because there were basically zero expectations from players and the programmers could do anything they wanted.

But because the game’s launch and figures from the sport and the planet have been established, which makes Part 2 has been a challenge.

Based on Druckmann, “Locating it using the sequel was considerably tougher than it had been with the first match, and moving forward it could be exponentially more difficult to justify going back into this planet and finding a means to change things up. There is so many things you have seen concerning the backstory, about the way in which the outbreak occurs, so we’d actually must determine how to make a new encounter that matches the psychological effect of those stories and that I really don’t understand what is. Currently.”

This does not indicate that Part 3 won’t be occurring (Druckmann had previously suggested that they may be seeking to work Part 3 shortly ), but given that the challenges he put out, maybe it may take somewhat longer as they attempt to work out how to best approach it.

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