Sony Releases Tool That Turns Your Camera Into A Webcam


In the last couple of months, we have seen how many camera makes this as Fujifilm, Canon, and Olympus launch applications for computers which readily turns their cameras to webcams with no necessity for third party applications or catch cards. Sony was missing from this list, but maybe not anymore.

Sony has recently published the Imaging Edge Webcam applications which will turn compatible Sony cameras to webcams efficiently. All you have to do is download the program from Sony’s site, join it to your own computers, and you are all set! For the time being, the program only supports Windows 10, and we are not certain if there are plans to eventually encourage macOS also, but we would not be shocked if the edition of macOS were to arrive afterwards.

One of the upsides to Sony’s applications when compared with the contest is the fact that it seems to encourage a larger selection of cameras, whereas a number of the additional applications seem to only encourage higher-end flagship versions. Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam applications will support the organization’s E-mount and A-mount cameras, together with different compact cameras, so head over to Sony’s site to check whether your device can be used with its own software.

In the meantime, you could even have a look at our guide here on how to use your camera as a webcam in case your camera manufacturer has not released similar applications nonetheless.

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