Shiftcam’s ProGrip Will Give Your Smartphone A DSLR-Like Grip


The issue with taking photographs with your smartphone is not so much concerning the character of the photographs, but instead how it feels in your hands is not quite the same in comparison to a camera just like a DSLR. But if you are seriously interested in smartphone then you could be considering Shiftcam’s most up-to-date attachment — the ProGrip.

As you can see from the video below, the ProGrip is an attachment to your smartphone which will provide it a DSLR-like grip. But to state that simply would practically be insulting because the ProGrip is much more. Besides providing customers with a more stable and secure grasp, the ProGrip will even have external buttons to allow you to take pictures just like you want a DSLR.

It also includes a swivel bracket so that if you would rather not shoot photographs only in picture mode, you can spin your cellphone and realign its own orientation. Additionally, how in which the grip portion was designed, it really lets it double as a dock onto your table at which you can then control it.

Speaking of charging, the ProGrip also comes with a built-in wireless charger that means it may control your phone as you use it. It appears to be a wonderful idea and as for compatibility, it appears to operate with a lot of apparatus owing to the universal grasp which should accommodate most telephones. If you want to find out more or guarantee your support, then go over to its Kickstarter webpage for the specifics.

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