Researchers Use AI To Produce Incredibly Realistic Tennis Matches


There won’t be a Wimbledon Championship this season on account of this coronavirus. This is not surprising because most sporting events are placed on hold or postponed, most especially the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, what if you wanted to see a match of tennis? As a result of the usage of AI, scientists have been able to make an incredibly realistic and nearly believable match of tennis.

The investigators from Stanford University educated their AI utilizing a database of annotated footage. From”watching” those movies, the AI was able to master and predict certain tennis players could move or respond in a variety of scenarios, and consequently, the investigators assembled a movie which showed tennis experts playing each other.

But, none of it’s real since they were created utilizing AI, but such as we said, it appears quite realistic and in case you were not paying too much attention, it might be easily passed away appearing just like the real thing. By using AI, the investigators can make all sorts of fantasy matches of experts playing each other.

Or enjoy in the movie above, among the researcher suggests that you might have tennis professionals perform against themselves, which can be sort of bizarre to watch but we are sure some you may have envisioned what it might be like when Roger Federer were to move up against himself.

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