Regardless of US-China Tensions, Apple Was The Fastest Growing Brand In China


It’s no secret that tensions between the united states and China are in an all-time high, but it appears that despite the arctic attitudes both nations hold against each other, Apple really appears to be doing fairly well over in China. This is based on a report by Counterpoint Research in which they discovered that Apple has been the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in Q2 2020.

In accordance with their information, Apple’s smartphone sales volume climbed by 32percent ). This defeats the likes of Huawei who climbed 14percent YOY, while some other Chinese smartphone brands like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi really saw negative development. It’s been indicated that this explosion in growth is due to its iPhone SE, whose cheap price tag makes it a value for money purchase.

But, it would appear that Apple’s massive growth in Q2 2020 in China was not sufficient to give it much of a market share in the nation. Based on Counterpoint, it seems that Huawei’s market share in China at Q2 2020 is sitting in a gigantic 46 percent, whereas Apple’s market share at the nation reaches 9%.

The report also indicates that 5G smartphone sales in the united states are now doing fairly well, where one in three mobiles offered in the united states are 5G. Apple is expected to start a 5G iPhone after this season, therefore it’s going to be intriguing to learn how it may influence the organization’s market share.

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