Prospective Apple Pencils Could Simulate The Feel Of Writing On Paper


There is nothing not to like about the Apple Pencil. Ok, perhaps it’s kind of pricey, but when you are somebody who produces a whole lot of digital artwork, the low-latency of this Apple Pencil and the hands rejection attributes are still fairly amazing, but as is true with the majority of styluses, it’s not quite the same in contrast to placing pen (or pen ) to real paper.

But, Apple is apparently investigating the notion of possibly simulating the feel of writing on paper. In accordance with Apple World Today, they’ve found a patent for its Apple Pencil where it shows that Apple is looking into a possible future Apple Pencil which may come with comments that would enable users to feel as though they’re composing to a textured surface, such as that of a bit of paper.

In accordance with this patent’s description, “The haptic feedback may be employed to render feel senses to simulate drawing a textured surface with the stylus. Therefore, the exact same tip that’s used to supply inputs can get haptic feedback during usage. The consumer can continue to utilize the hint for input as haptic feedback is also being applied to the trick.”

Right nowthere are screen protectors for your own iPad which are made to mimic the feel of paper. However, the matter with this kind of screen protectors is they have a matte finish that does affect the colours of the screen. Additionally, there are a few people who have raised some issues a rougher surface may wear from the nib of this Apple Pencil quicker.

Regrettably, given this is a patent, so there is no telling when Apple has plans to really make it a fact, and thus don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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