Prospective Apple Pencils Could Act As A Real Life Color Picker


Should you possess the Apple Pencil and use it with programs like Procreate, you likely understand you could use the Apple Pencil to function as a colour picker where you can pick colours in pictures inside the app and also replicate stated colours. But suppose that you wanted a colour that wasn’t available from the program or in the event that you can not appear to replicate that specific colour?

You can of course spend time looking for the ideal color, but based on some patent from Apple, it would appear that the business is researching the notion of possibly permitting future Apple Pencils to function as a real-life colour picker. So by way of instance if you’re attempting to draw a portrait of somebody and you wished to find skin tones just right, or whether you’re attempting to draw a tree and desired that specific shade of green, then you could basically stage your Apple Pencil in the individual or thing to replicate the shade.

In accordance with this patent, it indicates that this can be achieved by adding hardware to the Apple Pencil which could emit audible signals which may be utilized to catch the colour and replicate it inside an app. Regrettably, because of the simple fact that this really is a patent, there is no means of telling if Apple intends on making this a reality.

But, Apple was working on methods on enhancing the Apple Pencil to ensure it is an invaluable tool for musicians and artists, thus we would not always be surprised if such a feature would be to really be produced.

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