New Mac Ransomware Discovered Spreading During Pirated Programs


Listen, it is never a fantastic idea to download pirated software, but nevertheless people do. There are a lot of reasons for this, first of all it is illegal. Second, since the source you are downloading it from may not always be reliable, and there might be some changes made that could conceal malicious files inside the setup.

Regrettably, a few Mac users are finding out the hard way as based on a report from Malwarebytes, there looks like a new”EvilQuest” ransomware that’s targeting Mac computers that’s also being dispersed through pirated Mac programs. This was found when a few users downloaded the”Little Snitch” program from a Russian discussion, where the downloading really contained the program itself, but also set up another executable file.

This malware is really smart because upon installation, the document is transferred to some other place and can be renamed to”CrashReporter” to maintain itself hidden in macOS’ Task Monitor. Like many ransomware, it is going to proceed to encrypt all of the files onto the Mac computer and seemingly, users need to cover $50 to synchronize their documents to get them back.

Along with locking up your documents, it’s also been indicated that the malware may set up a keylogger to monitor your keystrokes, presumably in hopes that you may be entering sensitive data including credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, etc. So next time you are tempted to obtain pirated software, you may want to take this into account.

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