TikTok CEO clocks off


Kevin Mayer, the CEO of video-sharing app TikTok, has quit his article immediately in the face of an impending US ban, orchestrated by the government of president Trump, that threatens the future of this ceremony.

Hired with the purpose of introducing a more acceptable face to the US authorities during discussions, Mayer only combined TikTok at May of 2020, having formerly worked for the Walt Disney Company, where he played a substantial part in Disney’s acquisition of studios like Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel.

In a letter to workers, Mayer stated given the shift to the political environment surrounding TikTok, and reflecting on what modifications will be required to the organisational structure if its US operations be prohibited or sold, and what that would mean for the worldwide function he signed up to, he’d decided his very best option was to leave the company.

A TikTok spokesperson stated:”We value the political dynamics of the past couple of months have significantly shifted what the extent of Kevin’s function is moving forward, and completely respect his choice. We thank him for his time in the business and wish him well.”

At a leaked memo circulating online, Zhang Yiming, CEO of TikTok’s parent, Bytedance, stated it was not easy to come to a leadership position once the business was caught in this a fast-moving scenario, and he knew that the rationale supporting Mayer’s passing.

Yiming proceeded to reassure employees that Bytedance had been”moving fast” to solve its international problems, especially in america and India, even though he provided no further information.

TikTok’s US general director Vanessa Pappas — a former YouTube executive — will take over on an interim basis, he added.

TikTok has repeatedly claimed that the ban is politically moved on trumped up grounds, and before this week filed a formal complaint in the US demanding its legality.

Among other matters, its legal group is claiming that the US government is acting in bad faith by dismissing evidence it’s presented to the Committee for Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) regarding its own actions; also that Trump is in breach of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), the tool he’s using to limit this, along with the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, which copes with due procedure.


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