Telekom Slovenije introduces 5G


Telekom Slovenije has declared the initial phase of a nationwide roll-out of a 5G cellular network in Slovenia.

The provider plans to establish its fifth-generation public cellular network in the kind of campus programs, where one physical infrastructure could host many virtual dedicated networks for various business verticals, including electricity distribution, transport, logistics, production, smart cities, health care, security and rescue/public security.

The whole public cellular network will broadcast at the 2600MHz frequency range band and can make the most of their operator’s present estate of base stations, which already uses because of its 4G cellular system.

Telekom Slovenije will introduce cellular phones which support the 4G/5G network along with the business terms and conditions for using it, following the initial providers finish all of the necessary software upgrades. The business has dedicated to preparation for two big stages of 5G development within the next several years.

While conceding the complete potential of 5G technologies will become accessible to consumers only after additional frequency bands are given, at the first period of growth, Telekom Slovenije has up to now updated 150 base stations, supplying about 25% protection together with the 4G/5G network. From the close of the calendar year, it expects to transcend 33percent policy.

“We could hardly imagine living without the appropriate support of high-capacity cellular providers at each step,” stated Matjaž Beričič, CTO in Telekom Slovenije. “Mobile data traffic has been rising exponentially, with more information transfer in our cellular community raising over 25-fold in comparison to 2013, when we found the fourth generation of cellular networks. The requirement to ensure continuing technological evolution of IoT [internet of things] were the key reasons we chose to take this second step in our improvement, the first step to the introduction of 5G.”

Telekom Slovenije president Tomaž Seljak added:”5G will usher in the growth of new business models and advanced ICT solutions with high added value, and deliver about new technological discoveries, encouraged with artificial intelligence, innovative multimedia solutions, augmented and virtual reality, and continuing development of alternatives linked to the net of matters along with the digitalisation of the entire society.

“A great deal of crucial company communication has carried within our innovative 4G system, which has obviously demonstrated its virtue when learning and work concurrently became distant throughout the outbreak. The volume of visitors within the cell network keeps growing, whilst transport capabilities of existing cellular networks are restricted. The update from 4G into 5G will bring us to the gigabit decade”

Telekom Slovenije is also collaborating on the 5G Security endeavor with Port of Koper and Internet Institute, also at the 5G-LOGINNOV European growth project taking a look at options in logistics as part of Business 4.0. This will bring together 15 partners from many European nations and will start in September.


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