Microsoft Could Wind up Purchasing TikTok’s Worldwide Business


With TikTok facing a possible ban in america, it was recently confirmed that Microsoft is considering acquiring the firm. This would effectively create TikTok an American firm with no ties to China because its US operations wouldn’t more be commanded by ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company in China.

But, it looks like Microsoft could really be likely a much bigger acquisition than we thought. That is based on a report by the Financial Times (paywall) where their resources have speculated that Microsoft may not only be considering TikTok’s US operations, but the provider’s global operations too.

This implies that when true, Microsoft would dominate TikTok in its entirety round the entire world, not only in the usa, and save for China’s variant of TikTok Douyin. The report also goes on to assert that Microsoft will soon be providing ByteDance annually to separate itself from TikTok and tackle any information safety problems there can be.

But, the book’s resources have advised them that the 1 year deadline may be too brief, which it could really take as long as eight years to finish a transaction of this size. Meanwhile, TikTok has before the 15th of September to locate itself a purchaser or risk getting banned.

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