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Within the last few decades, LG has centered on the notion of ultra-productivity for each and every user, not just the wealthy individuals who are able to spend greater than $1400+ of the most recent folding apparatus.

After much soul-searching, LG only announced the LG Wing. It is a dual-screen mobile with a spin: the key screen can rotate 90-levels showing a secondary screen. Basically, you can use the telephone in portrait and landscape style in precisely the exact same period .

Formerly, LG phones such as the LG V50, LG G8x, LG V60, and LG Velvet either had an optional dual-display circumstance, which can be comparatively bulky and created the dual-display configuration less mobile and pocketable.

LG did progress consumer productivity with those telephones but did so in potentially restricted situations, mostly gambling, in my own opinion. They were great phones but for a niche market

The LG Wing layout breaks off from that. A whole lot of the friction experienced by preceding LG dual-screen telephones appear to have been successfully dealt with the swivel display.


The thought is pragmatic and creative : this might be LG’s breakout moment, as the LG Wing has lots of the benefits of dual-screen or folding phones, but a number of their drawbacks. It’s thinner, cheaper (my quote ), and pretty much becomes a standard telephone if you’d like it to.

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I do not feel that LG has announced the pricing yet but the specifications and contrast with previous versions reveal that the BOM (bill of material) will create LG very aggressive in the productivity-phone sector.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G + X52 5G Modem
  • 8GB RAM / 256GB storage
  • Main screen: 6.8-inch 20.5:9 P-OLED (two,460×1,080)
  • Secondary display: 3.9-inch 1. 15:1 G-OLED (1,240 x 1,080 / 419ppi)
  • Triple back camera64MP + 13MP (Ultrawide) + 12MP (Ultrawide)
  • Pop-up selfie camera32 MP
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 5 x 74.5 x 10.9 mm, 260gram

We will dive deeper should we perform a complete review, but two or three things in those specs grabbed my attention.

The telephone is a bit larger than an iPhone Xs Max, so that gives you a rough estimate of its closed dimensions. It isn’t modest, but smaller than a double -display using a circumstance, and smaller compared to some Foldable mobiles.

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The machine setup is optimized for performance/cost. This usually means that LG is targeting a large audience and it is a fantastic sign that pricing will probably be sensible (ideally ).

The Snapdragon 765G 5G can certainly manage many people’s use cases, such as elite multimedia expertise along with a fantastic 3D games performance. It’s not the absolute greatest performance, but it will not bankrupt you.

The Main and Ultrawide camera setup is somewhat like the LG Velvet (we will have an update on this soon ), also sits at the Premium section. We do not anticipate it to compare with the complete”killer celebrities” on the market, but it must offer an adequate picture encounter.

I am not 100% convinced that using two Ultrawide cameras is much far better than 1 ultrawide and only zoom, but we are going to have to find out exactly what the added-value is at the actual world. There is likely a fantastic reason for doing this.

The selfie camera is an pop up , so the screen doesn’t have any hole or notch, and it is a fantastic thing. I am guessing that in case you snap selfies all of the time, waiting for it to come outside might be bothersome, but it was not problematic for OnePlus along with many others, therefore LG should be OK on that front.

The previous camera thought I would like to mention here’s your Gimbal (video stabilization) functionality. Apparently, LG has additional extra motion-sensors to flip the LG Wing to a gimbal-like camera, using comparable controls and user-experience.

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The movement stabilization is carried out by software rather than a bodily gyroscope and motors. It’ll be intriguing to see how great it really is, but the concept is neat.


The use cases such as your LG Wing display are very down to earth, which contrasts with lots of my experiences, and possibly yours. For instance:

  • I really don’t like seeing videos in portrait style, but I dont like holding the phone in landscape style: solved
  • I liked having a computer keyboard in landscape mode (or wide display ): resolved.
  • You can still use the telephone using a typical vehicle holder and also have the excess display out: good!
  • Notifications disrupt the primary app: resolved
  • Etc

All these aren’t”once in a while” use cases. All these are items that I do daily or at least a few times weekly.

1600216033 211 LG Wing Innovative Dual Rotating Display Phone Giv.in

Together with the LG Wing, ” I feel as LG is on something, and that design may be refined even further if there’s popular support for this particular item.

I have to hand it to LG: it isn’t a simple time for them from the cell industry. However, for the previous two decades, LG Mobile has always focused on the user experience (vs. new theory each. single. Year) and came up with various iterations around this subject, which finally produced the LG Wing design.

If you want the new or not, it’s indisputable that the soul of innovation remains there. Next: Let us see how it plays in real life.

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