Leaked iPhone 12 Promo Mail Confirms A Characteristic


Among the rumored characteristics of this iPhone 12 is it is going to include support for 5G. Thanks to a post by Evan Blass, he shared that which seems to be a leaked promo email in the carrier (unspecified) that essentially confirms it. Besides verifying the attribute, the email also hints at a possible launch date.

In accordance with this email, it indicates that pre-orders for your iPhone 12 will finish on the 20th of October. According to how Apple has published products previously, this usually means that the iPhone 12 will most probably be found in mid-October according to the rumors. Obviously, none of this may be verified right now so take it with a grain of saltbut you’d expect that carriers have advice sooner than the general public to prepare advertising materials and to receive their items in order.

That having been said, the revelation of 5G contained using all the iPhone 12 does not come as a surprise. Many had anticipated it to be included in this year’s iPhones, therefore if anything, it’d be a much bigger surprise when Apple skips about the characteristic. We are not certain if there are plans to deliver 5G across the whole lineup or even if it may be exclusive to particular versions, but we are going to have to wait and watch.

In the meantime, Apple has confirmed that they’ll be hosting an event on the 15th of September, however that won’t function for the iPhone 12. Rather, many have theorized that it will almost certainly be for the brand new Apple Watch and brand new iPad.

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