iPhone 12’s Braided Lightning To USB-C Cable Leaked


In accordance with the rumors, Apple is set to present its Lightning to USB-C cable an update. Apparently Apple will be using this cable using an iPhone 12 and rather than this thin piece of rubber covering the cable, Apple will soon be updating it and rendering it braided rather, which should end up being more lasting.

thanks to some tweet by @L0vetodream, photographs of this alleged cable have surfaced. It is difficult to tell whether these wires would be the real deal, but if they’re true, Apple could really be offering those wires at either a black or white finish. We are not certain how Apple will divide the colours, but the darker colour iPhones will include a black cable, whereas the lighter shade ones will include a white cable.

But what is interesting is the black cable appears to include a heat psychologist of sorts in its ends, while the white one doesn’t. We are not certain what this implies, but maybe the warmth psychologist adds a little more durability and will stop it from breaking too readily. If that’s true, maybe Apple may possibly be selling the black cable as another accessory whereas the white one is bundled together with all the iPhone 12.

The rumors also have claimed that Apple aren’t bundling accessories together with an iPhone 12, like the EarPods as well as the power port. Rather, this semi automatic cable is going to be the sole thing that Apple will include from the box.

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