IOS 14 Will Let Users Add Captions For Their Pictures


In case you’ve been a faithful iPhone user within the previous couple of decades, it’s likely that you may have built up a fairly large library of photographs that you have taken with your iPhone. It may be somewhat hard to sort through them, but Apple has attempted to make it simpler with location-based info, but iOS 14 can help improve that.

In iOS 4, it seems that Apple will soon be providing users the capability to add captions for their photographs. This implies that along with whatever other information that’s connected to the picture, such as the time, date, and place, users may also have the ability to include captions to make it even more contextual and also to make it much easier for them to understand what is happening when surfing through old pictures.

All these captions also suggests that consumers will have the ability to look for certain photos dependent on the captions they’ve included, which you might also consider as being like tags. Ahead of the addition, the only means for consumers to add captions to photographs was to utilize the Photos program in their Mac computers throughout the Description field.

But with this shift, Apple has also updated the Photos program on macOS Big Sur in which the Description field was renamed to”Captions”. In case you’ve empowered syncing, then captions added to photographs from iOS 14 may even appear in the Captions area in Photos on macOS Big Sur, and vice versa.

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