Insane Slow Mo Video Shows The Apple Watch Spitting Outside Water


The Apple Watch, for the large part, is a completely enclosed apparatus save because of its own speaker grills. This is the area where water may get in the watch, but Apple has this issue figured out. In case you didn’t understand the Apple Watch includes a”Water Lock” feature which lets users lock the screen of the apparatus so that when they are swimming, then it prevents the water from interfering with the screen.

In turn, if users are complete with their swim, they could turn off water and the watch may really play a sound in which it depends upon vibrations of their speakers to dislodge some residual water. In a brand new video published by The Slow Mo Guys, it reveals just how precisely the watch does this at extreme close up and in super slow motion.

The conclusion of outcome is a rather populous video, particularly when seen up close. That is because if you were to look at it generally, it simply resembles the opinion is spitting out tiny droplets of water, but if zoomed in and if slowed down appreciably, it’s really a rather marvelous feat of technology. The movie shows the speaker jets vibrating back and forth to push the water out.

should you’ve got a couple minutes to spare, then that is definitely worth having a peek at.

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