Google Working On Assistant Chat Heads For Android


Among those newest features that Google is bringing to Android 11 are Bubbles. The notion of chat heads is not new and we have seen Facebook utilize it using Messenger previously, however using Android 11, Google is bringing it around in a large way. In reality, based on 9to5Google, it looks like Google might be bringing its own Assistant attribute to Bubbles.

Based on a APK teardownthey discovered evidence that indicates that Google is working on something named Assistant Chat Head. Very similar to Bubbles, it reveals just how Google Assistant can float around on the Android house display like a touch that you are chatting with. For the time being, tapping it summons Google Assistant.

But, we are not positive whether that is the true implementation or if it’s merely a placeholder. Like we mentioned, provided its Bubble-esque character we envision it would be about users chatting using Google Assistant rather than talking to it because attribute is easily obtained through voice controls or hardware programs.

it’s also uncertain how users would have the ability to put the Assistant Chat Head in their display or how to empower it. Whatever the case, perhaps more information will be shown once Android 11 was published.

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