Google Testing Hiding Website Addresses In Chrome’s URL Bar


Wish to be aware that the site you are currently seeing is the right one? 1 way to test is its URL, in which if you are seeing a web site which proclaims to be your lender’s site but shows another address, then you realize something might be incorrect. But for some reason, Google would like to mess up with that idea.

As seen by Android Police, it would appear that Google is testing out a characteristic in Chrome which will conceal the site’s address in the URL bar. It follows that if you browse to a site, such as ours, rather than displaying the entire address in the URL bar, it is only going to reveal “”. Even though it may seem like Google might be opening up users to phishing attacks, the provider is promising otherwise.

Within an explanation published onto Chromium, a programmer writes,”We believe this is a significant issue space to research because phishing and other kinds of social engineering continue to be rampant on the internet, and much study demonstrates that browsers’ present URL screen patterns are not effective defenses”

But this is presently a test/experimental attribute and as stated by the programmer, if it’s not capable of doing exactly what they claim it will they won’t send it out. But when they do find it helpful, they’ll send it out but then, users will receive the choice to from it whenever they feel as if it is not as easy for them.

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