Facebook Testing Face ID, Touch ID Locking For Messenger Program



In case you do not like it when folks use your mobile and then go through your own messages, then here is some potentially great news for you. Facebook seems to be testing out shielding its Messenger program with Face ID or Touch ID (depending upon your device), which means that you may be able to biometrically protect your messages from prying eyes.

Facebook has since confirmed that this is a characteristic now in testing and at an announcement made to Engadget, a Facebook spokesperson stated, “we would like to give people more options and controls to secure their personal messages, and lately, we started testing a feature which allows you unlock the Messenger program with your device’s preferences.”

In case you do not find the attribute available for you however, do not worry as we said, this really is a test so likely just a couple of consumers are visiting them. We are unsure what you have to do to be able to be chosen for the exam, but if you do not own it, then you are not a part of it.

This might also not be the initial Facebook product/service to provide such safety measures. This past year, Facebook rolled out Face ID and Touch ID service for WhatsApp, offering up an identical way for consumers to protect themselves and their privacy by making certain they get to watch the messages that they get on WhatsApp.

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