Sony A5 Rumors Surfaced Again ” NEW CAMERA


By admin, on June 20th, 2020


Sony A5 rumors have been launched back in October 2013, [Also see this] if we watched a NEX body using a full-frame detector.  In the patent, it is very apparent that Sony was working on a streamlined body-based full-frame camera (with no EVF) to reduce the manufacturing cost of this model and reach from the palms of mid sized DSLR or even Mirrorless users.

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harder Competition today

Since most of us understand Canon and Nikon both entered in Mirrorless contest from 2018 and today after the debut of Canon EOS R6 and EOS R5 Sony can acquire considerable rivalry in High-End Zone. And can shed its Current customer base also

Sony A7 Series is Popular among new users

Sony A7 III body selling like hotcakes because of its lower price label and eye core specifications. So, there’s a major probability that Sony will introduce cheaper entry-level bodies close to the long run to grab fresh users and gain greater market share.

Grab them at the start

As we are all aware within an interchangeable lens system, a photographer invests more in lenses compared to at the camera itself. And once users become connected into a platform, it is hard for him to proceed into another.

Sony forthcoming cameras 2020


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