Nikon Working to Repair DSLR Lens AF Noise in Movie Mode For Mirrorless Cameras” NEW CAMERA


By admin, on August 18th, 2020

The Z bracket S lenses are video-centric, they’re dead silent once u use them to get movie function.   When you set Nikon DSLR Lenses with FTZ jack that the lenses create sound, which can be irritating for the majority of the casual movie manufacturers, those who never utilize a dedicated external mic unit using the camera.

Brand New AF Algorithm Under Development For DSLR Lenses in Video Mode

According to the most recent data surfaced across the internet, New AF Algorithm will slightly slow down the AF speed of this AF-S Lenses when paired with FTZ adapter. Perhaps it doesn’t influence the general AF functionality but it is going to decrease AF sound when Camera will use internal Microphones in movie mode.

We can update you on this if we get some advice

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