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By admin, on July 11th, 2020

Canon EOS R5 Heating dilemma is presently floating upward. In accordance with the most recent reports, the Canon EOS R5 camera will get heat up as soon as you arrive at the recording time limitation from 8K or 4K [over-sampling] video recording style. When the time limit is attained that the Camera requires a standby period of 10minutes then at 4K video recording mode it’s possible to record an extra 10min clip and again you’ve got to have a 10minutes break. Additional Information from table below

Canon EOS R5 Over-Heating Details

Picture Recording Time Size & Restrict Recording Time MAX
8k RAW 30de 20 Min
8k 30de 20 Min
4k 120de 15 Min
4k 60de NO CROP 35 Min (30 + 5 Min)
4k 60de YES CROP — 5.1K Oversampling 25 Min
4k HQ 30de — 8.2k Oversampling 30 Min
4k 30de No Limit By Heating / No Overheating issue

Thus, if you’re recording 4K movies in normal manner, you’ll face no overheating problem. It is far better to put money into the Canon EOS R6 camera if you’re considering recording 4K videos along with you Canon Camera. Considering that the Canon EOS R6 also generates 4K HQ movies by 5.2K oversampling and we have not heard any overheating problems associated with Canon EOS R6.

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