Canon EOS R5 Can Document 4k 30De Videos upto 3.5 Hours with External Recorder” NEW CAMERA


By admin, on August 7th, 2020

If will utilize an external recorder such as Atmos (or some other) to capture 4K movies (Since 8K  restricted to inner recorder only). Then it is possible to record your movies for over 1hour + with no difficulties. The Heat production problem happening in Canon EOS R5 camera because of CF state card slots.

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1. ) First Test Done From NoLife (Youtube Channel)

NoLife Youtube station was the first to point this out odd occurrence, for the evaluation they’ve utilized external power supply and also an external recorder. It was quite apparent that Canon EOS R5 camera picture chip and detector create a minimum quantity of warmth and he managed to record 4 hours of Videos.

2. ) Canon R5 DOesn’t Over Heat — Carlos Quintero

Later noLife others started testing the camera out, Carlos Quintero just removed the CF state card of this camera and retained the battery indoors. He managed to record over one hour HQ 4K video.

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More videos will be added shortly

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