Apple Is Still Working On Touch ID For Your iPhone


It’s been many iPhone generations because Apple eliminated Touch ID in their iPhones and introduced Face ID. However, because possibly more protected Face ID is over Touch ID, it is difficult to deny just how much more suitable Touch ID is, particularly in this day and age where we are wearing masks that makes authenticating with Face ID a little harder.

Can Apple ever bring back Touch ID? According to the rumors, they might, and it seems like these rumors may hold some weight. That is because established a patent found by AppleInsider, it appears that Apple may be actively working on inventing their own in-display Touch ID alternative.

Given that screen piles aren’t always 100% translucent, the patent explains Apple has come up with ways to possibly get around that situation. “For instance, in some instances, a micro-lens variety might be formed on the rear surface of the display stack. Each micro-lens from the array might have a focal point situated with, aligned with, or close one of those translucent apertures.”

That is really not the first time we have seen Apple produce patents based around in-display Touch ID detectors, but it’s unclear which system the business could choose. However, as with patents, it is difficult to say if this really is a notion Apple is exploring, or whether it might finally manifest itself in a genuine solution, so perhaps do not hold your breath just yet.

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