Apple Could Be Researching Wireless Charging Battery Cases


Apple creates its official battery instances for a number of its own iPhone models. These circumstances cost the iPhone by plugging in the Lightning jack, and consequently it also offers a Lightning interface of its own which may be used to control the instance. But, Apple might be working on creating it entirely wireless.

At a patent detected by AppleInsider, it seems that Apple is investigating the prospect of a bi-directional wireless charging battery situation to the iPhone. This signifies is that the case can’t just control the iPhone wirelessly, but the situation itself is also charged which could ditch all demand for cables later on.

We ought to point out that when such a situation were to be produced, Apple wouldn’t be the very first. Accessory makers like Mophie offer comparable wireless charging instances for your iPhone, but this patent indicates that Apple may want to create something . The patent also describes a pass-through method where when put onto a radio charger, it could control the iPhone before charging the instance.

Additionally what is intriguing about this patent is that it appears to tie-in together with all the rumors that Apple might be intending to finally launch a portless iPhone. If this were to occur, wireless charging could basically be the only way to begin doing it.

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