Damian Priest won a Ladder Match to become NXT North American Champion


Bronson Reed jumpstarts Tower of Doom in North American Title Ladder Match: NXT TakeOver XXX (WWE Network Exclusive)

The Aus-zilla uses his hulking power to anchor a massive crash landing. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Damian Priest took a major step to ensure that his name will live forever at TakeOver XXX, emerging from the wreckage of a high-risk ladder match as the new NXT North American Champion.

The match was an all-out melee from the get-go, with all five Superstars looking to grab a ladder and scale toward the title. Cameron Grimes was the first to bring a ladder into the ring, but would not get to climb it after getting knocked out of the ring. Bronson Reed proved to be a formidable Ladder Match participant, using his colossal power to muscle the opposition around, including a huge five-Superstar pile-up that started with a powerbomb on Grimes.

The bout quickly devolved into a demolition derby, with every Superstar putting it all on the line, including Priest dashing up a ladder to dive onto his rivals.

As the five Superstars lay on the floor, trying to compose themselves, Candice LeRae rushed to ringside, trying to will her husband back into the ring. But while Gargano got back to his feet, The Poison Pixie entered the ring and yanked Grimes off a ladder, then unleashed a flurry of blows on The Technical Savage. Gargano & LeRae tried to team up and steal the NXT North American Title, but The Johnny Gargano Way was foiled when LeRae climbed up a ladder and tried to stop Reed. Instead, she found herself on Reed’s back as he came crashing down on Johnny Wrestling with a massive Tsunami.

At the bout’s climax, The Velveteen Dream was launched off a ladder, over the guardrail and sent crashing through two tables. Back in the ring, The Archer of Infamy and Gargano found themselves on top of a ladder, fingertips on the title. Gargano managed to unhook the title, but Priest had it in his clutches, as well. Priest managed to knock Gargano from the ladder and claim the title for himself, taking his first step toward infamy.


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