205 Live to feature Irregular Six-Man Tag Team Match, the Yield of Drake Maverick


If you love a good mixture of fisticuffs, mat-wrestling and high-flying, look no further than tonight’s variant of 205 Live, that will comprise a colossal Six-Man Tag Team Match, as The Brit-Am Brawlers combine forces with Mansoor to fight the trio of Ever-Rise along with Tehuti Miles.

Mansoor has picked up consecutive singles victories against Miles at each of the previous two months, although the arrogant Miles has had his share of issues with The Brit-Am Brawlers, submitting a triumph against Danny Burch but shedding Oney Lorcan.

Chase Parker and Matt Martel of all Ever-Rise, meanwhile, have been at odds with nearly everybody on 205 Live and NXT. They have shown quite the mean series in recent weeks, frequently attacking their opponents following the bell and dishing out a few barbarous 2-on-1 beatdowns.

In terms of Burch and Lorcan, they are always up for a donnybrook, no questions asked. They have earned a set of recent wins from Ever-Rise, also Lorcan was shrouded in a nasty competition with Timothy Thatcher on NXT.


Additionally, Drake Maverick will make his return to 205 Live! The quick-as-a-hiccup Cruiserweight started his WWE tenure as the General Manager for its purple trademark, working tirelessly to make sure that his series lived up to its moniker as The Most Exciting Hour on Television.

Paradoxically, however, did Maverick go into the squared circle for a competitor throughout his period as the GM, but that he holds a position of authority, the prior 24/7 Champion is eager to lace his boots up and blend it up with all the best Cruiserweights on the planet. How will he fare at his return into in-ring contest on the purple trademark?

Do not miss 205 Live, streaming on the award-winning WWE Network in 10/ / 9 C tonight!


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