The Pictures from Adria Tour were Unsatisfactory


Wimbledon chief Richard Lewis has refused to immediately criticize world No. 1 Novak Djokovic however he believes the scenes found in the Adria Tour were unsatisfactory. A total of four players that participated at the Adria Tour — such as the event creator Djokovic — tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Adria Tour featured packed audiences, players shook hands, hugged and played with contact sports like soccer and basketball. “Yes, the very first thing I would say is that we want everyone a quick recovery, since there’s been many individuals infected,” Lewis told Metro UK.

“The graphics were unsatisfactory and I believe , for the advantage of global tennis today, what should come from it’s everybody involved — not only gamers, but administrators, organisers, entourages — everyone should see that the rules regulations and rules about Covid-19 have been set up in international championships for a reason”

The season is set to restart in August and Lewis expects at the Adria Tour will probably function as a lesson and assist global tournaments after the year resumes. On April 1, Wimbledon got called off to the first time because 1945, but the US Open and French Open are still scheduled to occur this season.

“And that is a vital lesson to learn. I’d expect from the organisers’ point of view — let us say the US Open and Roland Garros, but also the other foreign tournaments — which protocols will be much easier to apply and noticed than they otherwise may have been.

This was an unfortunate situation,” Lewis stated.

Richard Lewis underlines Djokovic must demonstrate leadership and responsibility granted his place

Djokovic, ranked at No. 1 on the planet, is also the president of the ATP Player Council.

Djokovic was getting a great deal of criticism during the past couple of days and a few have called for him to be sacked from his place on the ATP Player Council. “think it is true in this day and age that sportsmen and sportswomen have a leadership function which goes with the land.

I am classes will have been heard, and that I sincerely trust — and I think — when global tennis tournaments restart, the game will be the better… better, but be disciplined and adhere to the protocols set up at whatever championship is being staged in the moment,” Richard Lewis stated.


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