Stephens relishes Opportunity to Play with Serena Williams’That the Best player on Earth’


Former US Open winner Sloane Stephens states is pleased to see a lot of girls of color triumph in the game of tennis and expects that more gamers will follow in their footsteps. Talking to the media after her triumph, Stephens was asked concerning the growth in the diversity in the game.

“Well, I think that it’s wonderful. Obviously right now type of our game about the women’s side is African American girls, that is amazing, from Naomi into Coco, Venus, Serena, clearly Maddie, myself, then clearly the younger women coming up.

I believe there’s an awesome chance to get more girls of colour in this game, and tennis is giving us much in our own lives. I believe that it’s an wonderful chance for right now for more people of colour within this game, since you may see today there are a lot of incredible players playing and it is a fantastic chance for us.

Sloane Stephens awaiting playing Serena Williams

Stephens hasn’t dropped a set at this year’s championship in her two matches up to now and says she’s confident about her match after fighting in the majority of her games this year.

“Yeah, I thought that I played well today. Obviously becoming a bit of a much better rhythm, for example, kind of sense out my game just a bit more, becoming back that confidence. Now I thought that I played well, constructed in my very first game.”

Her next opponent will be the 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams in what ought to be a blockbuster game in the next round experience. And Stephens says that she is quite much looking forward to the game, even though she’d be overlooking the power of these fans for this high profile experience.

“Truly excited about it, yet another shot simply to get an chance to play clearly without having played much this season. It is another wonderful chance to get out there. I understand if there were lovers it’d be lit, and I am kinda sad that we are not playing in front of lovers since it would be really enjoyable.

Clearly no lovers, the air will not be big, but a large chance to play against the best player on the planet.” 27 year-old Sloane Stephens won the 2017 US Open and proceeded to the next round of the season’s event on Thursday following a straight sets win over Olga Govortsova.


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