‘Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are Observing time pass and…’


Dominic Thiem is among the greatest prospects created in the nineties, he adopts a fantastic one-handed backhand that’s in a position to play with substantial power getting several winning factors. Strong in constitution, endowed with a superb forehand, an extremely exact and filled service and fantastic freedom, he’s got the strategic wisdom and mental potency of the traits which differentiate him from his peers.

At the 2016 year, he finished his maturation process, which directed him to corroborate the superb offensive stage, which he had, using an equally great defensive stage from the rear of the pitch, according to the outstanding results obtained in Roland Garros.

While addressing the press in Berlin, Dominic Thiem maintained the lockdown because of this COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t hurt him (he commented on Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic).

Thiem about the Big 3

“The first four weeks of this year proved rather particular,” said the World No.

3. “I believed that I’d had the ideal start to the year as an expert, playing a Grand Slam final, but this break came. I don’t believe this has hurt mepersonally, since it’s a situation that doesn’t rely on me,” asserted Dominic Thiem.

“Additionally, people’s health is a lot more important than tennis or sports. Finally, I believe you will find tennis players this fracture was worse than me. I’ve had seven or six amazing years around the circuit, playing with many games and I believe this fracture can be useful for me personally,” explained Thiem.

“Clearly it’s bitter as it has arrived in my best as an expert, but I cannot do anything. In my perspective, this break has been quite bad for the huge majority of gamers, both to the young men and women who’ve been doing well, and for Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic who are at their last years as a skilled and are observing time pass and they cannot be set up.”

He talked about the Adria Tour:”The Adria Tour has been obviously a mistake which everybody has understood as well as the world has heard for future championships. In the Belgrade and Croatia championships no one breached any law and we just followed the directions they gave usbut clearly I admit it was a mistake.

It is a fact that here in Berlin that the idea of security looks strict but I feel really secure,” stated the 26-year old. “Last week at Kitzbühel we did all possible to be secure and consequently avoid dangers of potential contagion.”

Dominic Thiem has said he was keen on enjoying the US Open that is definitely great news for all tennis fans. A lot of individuals could have expected him to play with the event because he has his eyes set on one goal — winning his first Grand Slam.


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