‘Roger Federer is the best at Managing Feelings’, States bowling Winner


Roger Federer is widely considered not just as the best player of all time, but he’s also among the most adored sportsmen from the world. As a result of a tasteful playing style along with a clean picture off the courtroom, the Swiss occurrence is loved by fans and admired by his very own competitions.

We often wonder just how much of his success is a result of his natural talent and how much to his work ethic. We should remember that the former World number 1 had many issues early in his career, when he had been unable to channel his boundless potential in the ideal direction.

Discussing on the radio app’Derribando Obstaculos’, Argentine bowling winner Lucas Legnani in comparison Federer and Nadal to 2 soccer stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Legnani on Roger Federer

“While Messi had fewer doors to start to become the excellent player he’s possibly, you understand there is a shortage of accessibility to knowing,” Lucas Legnani explained.

“Folks like to state Ronaldo is a happening due to his marketability; nonetheless it’s not advertising, the child is truly a monster. A parallel instance of this in tennis is Rafael Nadal” – he added. “Rafa has lots of talent now because he found it across the way.

However, the reality is that the street was physical because of him, a route where the man had to work exceptionally hard. Rafa and Cristiano that they aren’t simply marketing, they’re pure work and dedication. But this doesn’t imply Roger Federer and Lionel Messi do not work hard,” Legnani added.

“Federer and Messi came since they are just talented. Both had many doors which they needed to open the right manner and a lot more that they can open so as to get there.” Legnani also talked about the frustrations an athlete goes through if they’re having a bad day or performing below expectations.

“For me personally, Roger Federer,” the Argentine said. “Everybody in tennis fractures racquets as though they’ve a mill of racquets. But should you see Roger Federer he never violates racquets, not even near it. I understand he uses the struggle inside him to get something very significant on court.

It’s inevitable to violate racquets for tennis players whenever they see nothing working for them. However, Federer mechanically focuses on what’s because if not, even should you continue dragging what occurred previously, it’s useless,” Legnani explained.


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