Roger Federer is highest-paid athlete and No. 150 can not make residing



2013 Wimbledon Marion Bartoli has announced her remarks on the doubles match as he insists that she does not want doubles to evaporate but notes some adjustments may be made. Throughout the past couple of days, Bartoli obtained lots of criticism after seeming to imply that there ought to be doubles tournaments and some cash from doubles must be redirected to singles.

Within the previous two months, there’s been a good deal of discussion about the best way best to assist the lower-ranked gamers and make certain they have better terms about the excursions and Bartoli has been giving her opinion about how they might be assisted. “We had a international reflection following the video of this Algerian participant (Inès Ibbou), 620th globe, who stated she could not make a living from tennis.

We wondered how to distribute the prize money,” Bartoli informed RMC Sport, as shown We Love Tennis France. “I certainly don’t need to remove the doubles, but can people make championships with fewer clubs and retain prize money for those qualifications? Give a bit extra cash to the winner of the doubles championships, or perhaps the entire prize money of these doubles, to disperse it at the credentials?

Marion Bartoli indicates there must be a much better supply of cash in tennis

Last week, album 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer landed on the No.

1 place of the Forbes list of those highest-paid athletes. For the first time because the record was started in 1990, a tennis athlete produced the No. 1 spot on the Forbes annual list. “My general reflection would be to observe Roger Federer is the highest paid sportsman in 100 million bucks and also the 150th world can’t make a living from his game.

I am not saying that we must make money from Federer but if we can better disperse the prize money and spare someplace for gamers that have numerous prices elsewhere, I do not see the damage in there. I don’t only consider taxing doubles players, my thinking is much more international,” Bartoli said.

Meanwhile, Federer’s season is finished as the Korean underwent a second arthroscopic knee surgery this past week. Following a semifinal run in the Australian and also a charity game in South Africa, the Swiss experienced an arthroscopic knee surgery on his knee.

The 38-year old was optimistic he would be prepared for the bud season but his comeback did not go as intended so that he chose to experience extra process on his knee. Anyhow, Marion Bartoli expects prize cash supply in tennis will change a little and it’ll benefit the lower-ranked players.


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