“Roger Federer has Enhanced his backhand”


The ATP Tour will resume by the Western and Southern Pros 1000, which will tremendously be held annually at the Flushing Meadows bubble to prevent unnecessary travel. In 2019, Daniil Medvedev won that championship and he was proved to everybody he has what is needed to expect to the very initial places in the world rank.

The project assembled from the Russian participant with his mentor Gilles Cervara was consequently winner. Medvedev now occupies the 5th place of the ATP standing along with his athletic lifestyle has changed since he started to collect significant outcomes.

Currently, in actuality, he’s at the position of those tennis players pressured to always increase to grow their level.

Gilles Cervara spoke about Roger Federer’s backhand

Cervara clarified in a meeting with the official site of this ATP some intriguing opinion regarding the value of the details as well as the advancements created by Roger Federer.

He explained:”There are a few things to enhance from a technical perspective also at this level. I discovered that Roger Federer, a couple of decades back, when he returned after quitting for six months, worked together on his backhand technique.

You constantly have to enhance something. It depends on what you select: occasionally it’s possible to work from a physical perspective, other times from a technical standpoint since you would like to enhance a shot. Tennis following the long run? The most significant thing, I’d say, would be to have the ability to play matches.

The more matches you may win, the greater it is to find your rhythm this year. It is a challenging situation, since they do not understand how the players will respond. Maybe the players who’ve been hurt before understand how to deal with this scenario in contrast to the younger ones, who for the first time ceased five successive months.

The experienced players could have a little benefit.” The competitions, following the past year’s exploit, have started to examine in detail Medvedev’s method of staying within the court. Cervara talked about this subject:”Obviously.

That is something I consider several times. Players study his sport more and attempt to locate a strategy to conquer him. I must consider this during my job ” Daniil Medvedev is currently in USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center of New York, to defend the title obtained this past year in the Western and Southern Open and also to defend (and possibly attempt to win) the closing of last year obtained at the US Open, dropped after five amazing places against Rafael Nadal. Roger Federer will return on the court to the Australian Open 2021, following the second operation on his knee.


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