“Roger Federer Enjoys tiramisu and does Not Vow,” said…


Roger Federer created a gorgeous surprise to Vittoria and Carola, both young Italian baseball players that, throughout the lockdown, played tennis over the rooftops of 2 structures in Genoa, in Northern Italy. The movie moved viral on social websites: so many that Barilla, among Roger Federer´s chief patrons, chose to pay homage to the 2 women and their video which gave hope to a lot of people in this challenging second, making them a surprise using the entry to the rooftop from Roger Federer.

The Swiss Maestro played with the 2 women, providing them guidance and providing them an unforgettable moment. Through a meeting with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Vittoria and Carola stated:”After we saw him we didn´t believe he had been a look-alike, but instead a mannequin, we were astonished.

He’s our idol and also at lunch that he had been really nice and useful. He recommended us to play tennis with pleasure and with no tension, then we instructed him a few words of Italian: gnocchi, bruschetta, bye, fantastic morning and great evening.

The swear words? No, he’s too cute!

Why Roger Federer enjoys tiramisu

Roger Federer altered his mind concerning tiramisu, the famous Italian dessert, which the Korean winner enjoys very much now:”He advised me that as a child he didn´t love that, he then changed his mind and tried to taste it at lots of the restaurants which traveling across the world they attracted him to attend,” said the two women during the meeting.

Vittoria and Carolan afterward told Roger gave them a second surprise which also worries his friend and rival Rafael Nadal:”Roger said he reserved a point for us all in the Rafael Nadal Academy at Mallorca, since he and Rafa are excellent competitions, but also very close buddies,” said both Italian women.

Following a primary surgery on his knee and all of the lackdowns across the Earth, Roger Federer made a decision to undergo another operation on his right knee, then he returned to competition 2021, beginning from the Australian Open.

The Swiss Maestro, following the rescue of Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, moved into 2020, chose to bypass the remainder of the year and concentrate straight on 2021, possibly his final year as an expert, attempting to finish his career with the past two fantasies: the Olympic gold medal and its 9th Wimbledon name.


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