Olga Danilovic defended Novak Djokovic’s good Goals


Olga Danilovic is arguably among the most promising players of the WTA Tour: she won a championship regardless of the nineteen decades, and she had been among the principal protagonists of the contested Adria Tour, the charity championship arranged by Novak Djokovic.

The controversy came following the favorable instances of Novak Djokovic along with his wife Jelena, Goran Ivanisevic and Marco Panichi, respectively trainer and athletic coach of earth no.1, Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric, Viktor Troicki along with other members of the team of their players.

The 17-occasions Slam winner, specifically, has received many criticisms for coordinating an event open to the audience. Danilovic, who attended the event and understands all of the dynamics really well, defended Djokovic via a letter afterward printed on her Instagram profile.

Olga Danilovic’s correspondence to Novak Djokovic

“Dear Nole, first of all I need you, your loved ones, your staff members, Grigor and Borna, and those that are fighting their struggle from Covid-19, a rapid recovery,” composed Danilovic.

The objective of the event was to raise funds for a humanitarian purpose. In the long run, things did not go as we desired, but I understand all of us attempted to follow the instructions and principles which were enforced on us. It has already been mentioned, but I wish to replicate iteach spectator obtained a mask in the entry along with all the directions to follow.

That is the reason why it’s bad to blame and put all of the duties on a single individual. Everybody had the chance to wear masks simply to not arrive at the tournament. That is the reason why we are responsible, as the entire world accounts for the spread of the outbreak.

I myself managed to observe the way you committed a smile and words of encouragement to every child present. You showed admiration for all of the men and women who approached you. We gave Grigor a warm welcome to Belgrade and he reacted with his proximity.

Borna has been an superb server in Zadar for many people, exactly enjoy the Croatian tennis federation and the remaining players. I would like to thank everybody for this. All members and participants of this organization recognized the scope and great intentions of your thought.

During what we do best in existence, or play tennis, we could help those who want it. We, as professional athletes, understand well the opponents that are on the opposite side of the internet, we examine them to understand their strategies. Rather, this wicked competition has stopped life round the world, and it has meant that many more folks need assistance.

Therefore I wish to inform you your invitation was a honour for me personally, you always thought that together we can help people in risk. All things considered, some things won’t ever be the exact same again. To begin with, consider me, your listing of true friends.

I expect that soon I’ll have the chance to split the area with you , the very best player on earth. I wish you a quick recovery, your buddy Olga.”


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