Novak Djokovic, You’re a Winner and a inspiration for Lots of


Sacramento Kings celebrity Bogdan Bogdanovic is your hottest Serbian athlete to come to the defense of world No. 1 Novak Djokovic since he insists that the entire world No. 1 had just good intentions with all the Adria Tour. A total of four players that participated at the Adria Tour — such as 17-time Grand Slam winner Djokovic — have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Adria Tour featured packed audiences in Belgrade and Zadar and players shook hands, hugged and there was not a lot of social distancing. On the other hand, the Adria Tour organizers have claimed they did not breach any of their security measures issued by the authorities in Serbia and Croatia.

Regrettably for Djokovic, he’s received a great deal of criticism since the creator of this Adria Tour. “I’m sorry for the harsh events which are now occurring to Novak. I am aware that the ideal goal was behind that which, so much, in everything he did.

Let us remember just how much Novak has supplied to enthusiasts across the world, and especially to our Serbia and our folks. He’s part of Serbia and will always be our winner. Novak, you’re an inspiration for all, it should always be like this.

I wish you a quick recovery, persevere in such tough times,” Bogdanovic said, as shown on Alo.

Novak Djokovic apologized and admitted mistakes were made

“I am so deeply sorry that our tournament has caused injury.

That which the organizers and that I did the last month, we did using a pure heart and true goals,” Djokovic stated in a notice posted on his social websites. “We thought that the championship fulfilled all health protocols and also the health of our area seemed in great condition to eventually unite for philanthropic reasons.

“We had been incorrect and it had been too soon. I can not say how sorry I am for this and each event of disease. “In the event you attended Adria Tour or have been about any attendees please get tested and exercise social distancing.

For individuals in Belgrade and Zadar, we’ll be discussing wellness resources in the long run. “The remaining portion of the tournament was cancelled and we’ll stay focused on those who’ve been changed. I pray for everybody’s full healing.”

Novak Djokovic and his spouse were feeling well after testing positive for the coronavirus since they’re in self indulgent.


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