J.J. Wolf at the footsteps of Andre Agassi


Jeffrey John Wolf approached tennis by enjoying a couple of mixed doubles matches with his family during one of the most summer vacations. From this moment he never abandoned the racket , as time passes, he started to attain significant outcomes.

In 2019, Wolf was appointed”All-American and Big Ten Player of the Year”, as a result of this list of 35 wins and two losses in singles to the Buckeyes, among the main teams in American college tennis. The 1998-born tennis player has established himself as one of the best surprises of this restart of tennis.

After obviously defeating Guido Pella and Roberto Carballes Baena, Wolf got the opportunity to challenge Daniil Medvedev, a year’s finalist at Flushing Meadows, into the next round of the US Open.

J.J. Wolf pays homage to Andre Agassi, one of his best idols

What attracted the interest of the media and fans, along with his outstanding performances, was above all of his hairstyle, quite like one of the best champions in history.

Let us discuss Andre Agassi, former world number one and winner of eight Grand Slam tournaments. Agassi was among the most iconic athletes ever. Struggling to forget the rings, the thick two-tone hair, that turned out to be a hairpiece, or the extravagant vibrant dresses and jeans that were unusual.

1599522568 445 J.J. Wolf in the footsteps of Andre Agassi Giv.in Wolf himself didn’t wish to conceal his admiration for Agassi. “During his career, Andre has had lots of pleasure with his own hair and fashion. He gave us amazing moments. I like to review a few of the finest games. I can’t say my hair is established 100% over the hairstyle employed by Agassi, but in ways it’s a legitimate tribute to his or her person.

I am happy with this”. Wolf shared some pictures on Instagram that reveal his similarity to the American legend as well as the ATP joked on his official profile on this particular movie. Before the game against Medvedev, nevertheless, Wolf ended up in the middle of this controversy for what might look a racist salute to white supremacy.

Nevertheless Wolf justified himself by stating that the gesture found from the photograph posted on his social networks wasn’t a racist greeting, however, a very simple gesture of: what is fine. Daniil Medevdev subsequently won the struggle to make it to the fourth round of the US Open 2020, at a facet of the draw where he could shield the closing got in 2019.


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