I Expect Tokyo Olympics Occur, winning Trophy Are my Target


Former world No. 1 Roger Federer absolutely enjoyed all his previous Olympic adventures and he expects that the Tokyo Olympics will be staged in 2021. Federer, 38, made his Olympic debut at the Sydney Olympics at 2000, where he left semifinal before losing to Tommy Haas and afterwards to Arnaud di Pasquale from the bronze medal match.

Federer won the golden medal with Stan Wawrinka in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but he’s missing a golden medal in singles. “I was blessed that Sydney arrived when I had been old enough and great enough to be eligible. Olympics have always been special for me, each time for one more reason.

2000 Mirka, 2004 and 2008 flag carrier, Gold with Stan in Beijing, Silver afterward in London. Regrettably I had been hurt in Rio and the games had been postponed, and I had the impression that I always took a whole lot with me from the Olympic Games.

To become a part of it, then together with the wish to find a medal, perhaps even a Gold . This’s a very different scenario how you appreciated the Olympics. I’m interested how Tokyo will be. I expect it will occur. We’re just one year off but there are voices who say: Perhaps it’s to premature until we’ve got everything in check.

However, I’m confident all will be helpful,” Federer said in Sportpanorama on SRF Sport.

Federer says winning a trophy is a target

“I believe I will speak for both of us when I state that at our position a trophy is a target, otherwise you wonder why you go there in the first location.

Obviously I presume something is potential. Whether this is going to be in singles, doubles or mixed. I really do n`t understand however exactly what I’m going to perform with. I believe I’d have a possibility in singles. In a championship that which is possible. It’s another story on a complete season but at a single championship several things are possible,” Federer said.

Federer is going to probably be accompanied by his own family at Tokyo and he expects to have a successful run in the occasion. “In the specific situation I’m right now I must honestly say I would be pleased to participate. When I’m 100% match I’d be pleased to have a medal.

And if I won`t have one I’m disappointed but I understand I gave everything and could return proudly: Tokyo was fantastic, it was still another adventure and that I could engage in a different Olympic Games. My family will be together with me like in London.

I believe it’s an success for me personally I’m 100percent and can engage. However a decoration must be the target,” Federer said.


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