I am surprised US Open entrusted player team over real players


French universe No. 194 Quentin Halys says he was somewhat amazed when he saw that the US Open gave priority to gamers’ entourage within the lower-ranked players. Even the US Open organizers have obtained the green light to stage the championship but there will not be qualifying, combined doubles, junior and wheelchair events.

Thus, players rated as low as Halys will not make the major draw cut for the US Open and they will not be enjoying at Flushing Meadows this season. The US Open’s first plan was to let players to attract 1 team members however they raised the amount to three group members after many players complained about the topic.

“I watched Richard (Gasquet), I watched Lopez and many others who talked and said: we do a catch US Open where everybody can perform, or else we get nothing… I’m somewhat surprised that they take more people in the entourage and they removed qualifying.

I’d have discovered it logical to give priority to the players as opposed to the staffs. We’re living in such a weird situation which all people can understand. The team is great, but the most important thing stays the gamers,” Halys informed L’Equipe.

Quentin Halys insists that the game requires that the Challenger Tour

As we all know, it’s necessary that the ATP Tour resumes, a bit less the Challenger circuit. But we’re still professional gamers of a fantastic degree. There are frequently men from qualifying who create great runs.

You will find powerful men who have been hurt, famous men who travelled to qualifying… The Challenger Tour is really a fantastic circuit. Plus they did not speak about the ITF in any respect! They simply talked about large tournaments. We have not learned anything.

It is a shame they did not launch the ATP and Challengers calendars in precisely the exact same moment. It demonstrates there is a true gap, a genuine gap between both of these worlds,” Halys said. “What interests them is the major circuit.

Understandably, it is the only people want to see. However, when you’re really tennis lovers, you realize that on the Challengers you will find some nice games. The majority of the men that are one of the very best on earth are here (about the Challenger Tour).

Tennis requires Challengers to exist. It is a shame the 2 tours aren’t treated in exactly the exact same manner.” Quentin Halys, a former world . 102, spends nearly all his playing time on the Challenger Tour.


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