We are still not utilized to Todd Gurley at a Falcons uniform (Photo)


You know what is odd? Todd Gurley sporting an Atlanta Falcons uniform.

Todd Gurley appears great in Red and Black, but the Atlanta Falcons pose another a look.

We have understood the former Georgia Bulldogs standout and Los Angeles Rams All-Pro running back will perform with the 2020 NFL year as a member of the Dirty Birds. It is a sneaky-good registering for Atlanta because he will certainly be an update over Devonta Freeman. If Gurley is near what he had been at times together with the Rams, Atlanta might have a scary great crime in 2020.

Regardless of how he runs, grabs the ball out of the backfield or retains his own pass defense, Gurley will probably be sporting his initial new uniform because being draft No more. 10 entire from the then-St. Louis Rams from Georgia back 2015. He may be sporting Falcons legend Deion Sanders’ No. 21 jersey, but we are still not utilized to Gurley rocking this sort of Red and Black.

Todd Gurley may seem nice and feel great, but can he perform great in Atlanta?

It is a daring selection for any Dirty Bird to use the No. 21 jersey. Former Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant most recently rocked it as Atlanta’s No. 1 cornerback for the previous seven seasons. While Gurley might have the blessing of Prime Time, let us hope his Falcons profession goes much better than fellow Rams running back greats of Eric Dickerson and Steven Jackson.

Ironically, Gurley has more tread on his tires compared to Dickerson failed in the first 1990s or Jackson failed at the mid-2010s. Gurley is in his mid-20s, however a degenerative knee condition has individuals in NFL circles wondering just how a lot more years he could perform anything near to a top degree from the league. To get Gurley, this is a chance for him to start his next action on a top note.

After wholesome, Gurley has revealed he is one of the best running backs in football. Just two decades ago he had been the focus of this 2018 Rams crime that had the group back at the Super Bowl for first time in 17 years. Although he drifted down the stretch, the Rams do not get to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta with him. Could he help the Falcons get back in the NFC playoffs?

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Atlanta has performed amazingly well lately comprising a United States presidential election. The Dirty Birds have qualified for the NFC playoffs at the past four election years dating back to 2004. They have won the NFC South in three of the four seasons, playing in the NFC Championship game each time they have won the branch in a presidential election season. Coincidence? We are going to see.

Get used to Gurley sporting a Falcons jersey since he does not play to the Rams anymore.


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