Trevor Lawrence won’t play with the Patriots


Trevor Lawrence will not be playing for the New England Patriots. Celebrate!

When Kool and The Gang composed”Celebration”, a moment such as this is exactly what they were speaking to.

The entire world is a cruel, barbarous, unkind, unforgiving location. Since one Jet-y New York Jet chose to knock Drew Bledsoe from a match back in 2001, the New England Patriots needed a 20-year dominance within the NFL unlike some other franchise before them. Together with Tom Brady at quarterback, the Patriots won 18 division names, nine AFC Championships and six Super Bowls in 20 years.

But following a single score and seven scandals past, Brady awakened with his head coach Bill Belichick and took his abilities into South Beach that the Florida Gulf Coast. Brady took him his tight tight end Rob Gronkowski along with also the Tompa Bay Gronkaneers were born. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became strangely strong, although the Patriots seemed to be feeble and helpless, so we believed…

On Sunday evening, Belichick pulled a fast one on us which we could have seen coming. He is intelligent than you and everybody else in your loved ones. That is why he ended up using Cam Newton since the latest quarterback on his soccer team. He landed a former NFL MVP and Heisman Trophy winner who apparently no other group desired. So who’s laughing now?

Right now, it’d be Belichick, since he simply forced his group back to the AFC East division title dialog. Sean McDermott has to be quite so angry at this time in Western New York. Brian Flores must have understood better down in Miami. Adam Gase has started to pack his luggage and only put his home on the current market, as he has done training Gang Green later 2020.

Since the maniacal laughter cackles in the Foxborough Death Star called One Patriot Place, we as Americans can pop up a bottle of champagne tonight. I mean, aside from getting ready to prepare for the 4th of July, the greatest reason to observe is Clemson Tigers celebrity Trevor Lawrence will not be moving into the Patriots more. There’s a hope in this ailing world in the end.

Trevor Lawrence will not be a first-round choice by the New England Patriots.

However, the Patriots only signed Newton and we are going to sadly see them at the playoffs . Why are we observing like we are members of Newton’s long family he’s going into the Evil Empire? Since the long, tall, blond gold boy from Cartersville, Georgia will not be playing for the Patriots, and that is reason to observe when there ever was one.

Lawrence is going to be the No. 1 choice from the 2021 NFL Draft. He acts as the best quarterback prospect because Andrew Luck came from Stanford in 2012. If he’s got a fantastic season in Clemson this autumn, we might be taking a look at the very best quarterback prospect because Peyton Manning came from Tennessee at 1998. Dare I say it, he might be as great as John Elway coming from Stanford in 1983.

should you place that 6-foot-6 five-star on the Patriots, simply cancel the NFL for the remainder of time. Boston sports will grow more obnoxious than Bill Simmons performing a deep-dive podcast on each Celtics championship thus far. You couldn’t find two big ice selections to jab into either your eardrums simultaneously quickly enough. Be glad you heard the fantastic news before it was too late.

Thus in the event you’re dreadful in connecting the dots, because it wasn’t something in elementary school, why Lawrence will not be moving into the Patriots is since Newton’s coming makes New England way too fantastic to be able to have the No. 1 choice. They could have more draft picks than Boston has Dunkin’ Donuts locations in a square mile, but he is not likely to be a Patriot!

So while that is great for everyone that does not love the Patriots, which might not be the ideal thing for Lawrence. He Might Have to return to Duval and attempt to spare the Jacksonville Jaguars out of being relocated. And you believed Jason Mendoza adored Blake Bortles? Could you imagine what he would consider Lawrence starring for London’s Finest? He is only getting used to Gardner Minshew!

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Lawrence may wind up at Jacksonville or about Newton’s former group from the Carolina Panthers. Certainly, there are additional landing spots . However, for now, it is possible to cross the Patriots off the plank as a possible destination for him. By winning the Cam Newton sweepstakes than no one wanted to acquire frankly, the Patriots have formally axed themselves out of eternal gold sunlight. So, so sad.

Celebrate the great times because Lawrence is not likely to be Patriots, come forth!


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