Tampa Bay Buccaneers have serious interest in Leonard Fournette


Leonard Fournette may not need to move from state to locate his second project in the NFL. 

What would you pay to have a flier on a former No. 4 overall selection?

That is something that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are asking themselves right now. After being discharged by the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this week, Leonard Fournette is searching for the Buccaneers could be the reply to this question of where he will play next.

Based on Albert Breer, the Bucs have serious interest in registering Fournette and incorporating him into an already wealthy arsenal for Tom Brady.

The Bucs have less than $2 million in cap space left, however Fournette isn’t likely to command top dollar on the industry. Greg Auman from The Sport points out that clubs have been turning Fournette’s $4 million asking price down and when he would like to play 2020 he will need to dramatically lessen his financial expectations.

so as to have a deal done, the maximum that Tampa Bay can provide without having to earn a roster move is 1.9 million.

Fournette is a former leading 5 draft pick and a player who travelled ,000 yards rushing and arrived near this total in getting as well last year. But he fought to turn into a true standout at Jacksonville and is a throwback to Boom-or-Bust design running backs which have revealed flashiness but are finally less energetic than more powerful players in the place.

Then again, the sole crime we have seen Fournette in is just one directed either by Blake Bortles or Gardner Minshew — neither of whom is Tom Brady.

Fournette would fulfill a demand for the Buccaneers because he is a real starting running back. The Bucs have Ronald Jones in that place on the depth chart but he is yet to completely prove he could be a No. 1 back (not that he will not prove this year ).

Much like the way Jones can considerably benefit from being in Tom Brady’s crime, so too can Fournette.

There is no guarantee that a group registering Fournette will find the complete stud we saw in LSU a couple of years back, but for under $2 million there is enough triumph with Fournette at Tampa Bay to convince all involved that this can be a bet worth taking.


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