Steelers make statement against racism with banner ads


The Steelers became the latest team to create an impression through the National Anthem

Ahead of their Monday Night Football Challenge from the New York Giants, the Steelers joined the New York Giants in creating a statement during the National Anthem. Pittsburgh, together with the vast majority of those 31 other NFL teams, also made it understood that end racism will take most people, not empty gestures from the wealthy and strong.

The Steelers used a massive banner to make their ideas understood. The banner read”Steelers against racism” and has been featured on the ESPN nationwide broadcast.

Many NFL lovers have discovered the way to be contrary to what about the surface seems to be a pleasant opinion. The Steelers don’t care, nor should they.

The NFL’s season-long devotion to combating racism is in full-swing

The NFL combined the likes of their NBA, MLB  as well as NHL in creating declarations against racial injustice and police brutality. The team itself has firmly sided with the BLM motion when allowing its players to show however they see fit. This includes four years later Colin Kaepernick’s motion was greeted with unbelievable pessimism, and also lost him his job.

Roger Goodell has confessed the NFL and its owners approached the Kaepernick demonstrations the incorrect manner, also failed to listen to his message. This kind of view is abundant today the Kaep is from work, but in least it provides today’s gamers to be on the ideal side of history.

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