SEC soccer leads all conferences with the majority of players on NFL rosters


Former SEC soccer stars continue to control NFL rosters professionally.

Yes, NFL players using SEC soccer roots make up only over one-fifth of active rosters.

With this picture in The SEC Network, the SEC accounts for 21 percentage of NFL Week 1 rosters. That is 356 gamers, the most of any conference in the league this year. Leading the way with the most players at the NFL from the SEC is your Alabama Crimson Tide with a shocking 57. Most teams have over 20 and each team has 12 players.

Alabama may subject an total NFL roster together with all the 57 alums on Week 1 rosters, and it is apparent it merely means more at the SEC with 21 percentage of NFL players hailing out of the very best conference in college football

Ironically, this isn’t a great deal of surprise. The SEC was the most dominant summit from the faculty landscape for more than a decade and a half. By 2006-2012, just SEC teams won national championships. Since 2005, just 1 time has an SEC team not played for a national winner. At the 2010therefore, double did we have two SEC teams confront at the federal title bout.

Though the training was hit or miss during, there’s been no doubt about the ability emanating in the Southeastern footprint. Though at the ACC, the Clemson Tigers have managed to look after business in their Electricity 5 seminar by enjoying an ACC program with SEC talent. Just the Big Ten’s Ohio State Buckeyes have been able to maintain pace consistently.

So as you look about any NFL club, you are certain to have at least one former Alabama player, one former LSU Tigers participant, one former Florida Gators participant and a single former Georgia Bulldogs player on a roster. Each of four powerhouse applications have 33 players in the league at this time. As anticipated, these are the groups frequently competing for SEC Championships and playoff berths.

Five SEC teams have at between 20 and 29 players in the league. These five groups would be the Texas A&M Aggies, the Auburn Tigers, the South Carolina Gamecocks, the Mississippi State Bulldogs and the Tennessee Volunteers. Simply speaking, there’s a strong chance you have got a minumum of one participant from among these colleges on your favorite NFL team’s roster too.

Though it will fall a bit to the lower grade of SEC teams, the Ole Miss Rebels, the Arkansas Razorbacks, the Missouri Tigers, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Vanderbilt Commodores have involving 12 and 14 players on NFL rosters for 2020. It is a marginally less than 50 percent likelihood you will have a participant from among those five SEC colleges on your favourite NFL team.

With’Cats and Dawgs living together, do not be amazed if the finest NFL players possess SEC roots.

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