Ryan Clark clarifies why Chiefs fans booing Moment Of Unity was hurtful


Ryan Clark could not think some fans booed the screen of unity.

Patrick Mahomes along with the Kansas City Chiefs started off the season with a resounding success over Deshaun Watson along with the Houston Texans, however, among the largest events of the day happened before kick-off, as a”show of unity” that showcased both teams linking arms had been booed by a few enthusiasts in attendance in Arrowhead Stadium that seemingly could not stand their preferred team taking a stand against police brutality.

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark was defeated in how Chiefs fans booed two black quarterbacks coming together to preach unity and acceptance without staging a demonstration throughout the national anthem, epitomizing how devastating it was to find this screen happen in Arrowhead night.

Ryan Clark mentioned how linking arms in a indication of unity was cheered on previous events

Clark, who performed in the NFL for 13 years with Washington, the Steelers, and the Giants predicted out exactly what he considers to be a hypocritical position out of lovers. Clark reported that linking arms causes such as military admiration, breast feeding, or schizophrenia would have been clapped for, but calling for racial harmony was apparently too much for Kansas City fans to gut.

Texans defensive end JJ Watt was frustrated in how enthusiasts took this demonstration, as he pointed out there wasn’t any mention of this American flag or some other political position being taken in possibly the most peaceful demonstration potential. This should have been a cause for celebration, but a few Chiefs fans turned to a different hot-button matter.

Mahomes and also the remainder of the Chiefs carrying what should happen to be the very cut-and-dried, inoffensive view on the planet, stating that uncontrolled police brutality isn’t something which needs to be tolerated, should have been cause for praise and celebration. The simple fact that Chiefs fans were able to find some ambiguity and cause for criticism in it’s almost extraordinary.

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